Thursday, March 19, 2015

Baby Guessing Competition

Baby Competition:
OK- so which one is which?

Prizes include;
1. A wet sticky patch on your shoulder.
2. A bin full of stinky nappies.
3. A floor littered with chewed up toys and crumbs.
4. A mug inscribed 'gran (or gramp) of the year' or simply 'legend'.
5. Lifetime supply of wet wipes.
6. Ear plugs.
7. A lie-in! 


Baby hiding in kitchen...and stuff

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Birthday basty

Warning; your cake slice may contain human hair. And nits. 
Didn't stop me!

Think he might have fallen asleep mid gobble.

Random pic of Jack cleaning the car!
Chimney next.

Literally had to threaten Samuel to get this 'smile'. BE HAPPY NOW! OR ELSE!!

Sadly baby not responsive to threats in quite the same way. 

Burp! I'm stuffed...maybe one more?

Oh yes....hiiiiiiighly advanced!!
Nietzsche nyexta. 

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Baby is putting on weight finally! We've put her on a new diet. It's milk.

Michael and family visit for lunch.


She thinks I'm a mama bird ready to regurgitate.

Now, I offered to park but noooooo....
Little visit along the south bank, St Paul's

Basty turns 5!!

Loves Arsenal

School's OUT for EVER!