Monday, September 29, 2014

Sam's 8th Birthday

Guess what theme...?
One of those guys on our cake is taking a dive. 

It's easier than spies or pirates!
Basty wants football themed party now...hurrah!!

Some of the old crew from Bertrum.

 I want it now, right here. 

Still running...must have done sport for about 5/6 hours that day. 
We're going to pay all week long, with bad tempered children.
Oh...I'm pretty snappy too!!

Men played boys...we got whipped 5-2 
Next year.....

Do what me says- go there. Then bow.
From expression, I suspect dissension. 

Basty looking for a good spot to do some watering.

Wish we had to organise a few more parties every year....oh

School's OUT for EVER!